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Gal Gadot Wonder Woman by Jeffach Gal Gadot Wonder Woman by Jeffach
This was an idea I had in my head for the past month or so. Did some different things with the costume design, but my focus was more on the overall poster concept. Thought about adding more detail to the costume and developing it more, but I've been very busy with commissions so I kept it pretty basic. Maybe I'll go back in later and tweak the costume when I have more free time. 
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guardtangled331 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Okay for all the people complaining, They didn't cast her arbitrarily. She auditioned for the part and beat several other actresses, probably the ones that people are suggesting for the role (i.e. Gina Carano, but I could write a whole article about how terrible she would be). We haven't seen her audition so we are really not in a position to judge whether she'll be good.
You can't judge an actress who really hasn't done all that much based on her past work. Look at Heath Ledger (actor, I know, but whatever). Everyone said he'd be terrible as the Joker because they could see him in a superhero movie or as a serious villain. Look how that turned out. Now I'm not saying Gal Gadot is the next Heath Ledger, but I think by now we should have learned by now that we shouldn't write her off completely before we actually see her in the role. And if she isn't any good, she's a supporting character in a movie starring Batman and Superman. If one bad actress can ruin that movie, DC has much, much larger problems.
And if she's really bad, its not the end of the world (yes, really. Gal Gadot playing Wonder Woman isn't going to usher in the apocalypse). They'll just drop her and recast before justice league. This point really applies to everyone (including Ben Affleck and Jessie Eisenberg). We didn't see the auditions, we don't know. If she's terrible, then I have no problem with people hating on her, but most of you decided the moment it was announced that you weren't even going to giver her a chance.

She is going to have plenty of muscle. She's been working out and, by the time they took the first costume picture, she had beefed up significantly. Additionally, her official modeling weight was 110lbs before she started working out, and she appears to be closer to 120-125 judging by this picture. Her height is 5'9" without the 4" wedges they put on her boots. Overall, that's pretty close to Wonder Woman's official stats: 6'0" (with the boots on, she's probably 6') and 130 lb (at max, she's 10 lbs under, will probably be more like 5 by the time they actually shoot. 

Also, Wonder Woman gets her powers from essentially magic, not from working out a lot. And I've seen almost no one on here who says Linda Carter was bad as Wonder Woman. But she had no more muscle, and probably less, than Gal Gadot. And Gal Gadot isn't "thick and curvy" enough to play Wonder Woman? Well Linda Carter wasn't thick either. And she only looks curvy because her abdomen is skinny as a rail.

Casting a non-american actress who isn't lily white kinda makes sense. Wonder Woman is an amazon from Themyscira, which in Greek mythology is located in Turkey, and in DC comics is somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle. Seems to me that someone from either of those places probably wouldn't speak perfect, unaccented English and would have a darker skin tone.

By far the dumbest complaint I have seen yet is that Gal Gadot's hair is too flat and dull. Really? This one is really a who cares moment. It's black, it's curled, end of story. That's what real people's hair looks like. And then, of course, there's the ridiculous "she's ugly" complaint. Come on. You know you don't really believe that, you're just telling yourself that to reinforce how much you hate that she's been cast as Wonder Woman. She's hot, that's undeniable. And even if you don't personally think she's hot, most average people do. She was a bikini model for christ's sake. Ugly people aren't bikini models. I really think that the "she's too skinny" complaint, and the rest of them I've mentioned above, are really just lame excuses that fans have been using to justify their baseless hatred (see my first bullet point) of Gal.

I'm not Gal Gadot's biggest fan by any means, and I was rooting for another actress (not going to mention her name because it's totally irrelevant now) to be cast in the role. But I trust that the casting people at DC know what they're doing, and I know that they have a crucial piece of information that I don't: audition tapes. If they really did botch it, then we can criticize them, but we really won't know if they botched it until the movie comes out in 2016. But I'm sure I'll see people continuing to complain every single day until then.  Oh, and one last thing for all of you complaining about how she's different from the comic books: they know, they did that on purpose (but not to spite you, offend you, piss you off, etc.), and they don't really care that you don't like it. Don't believe me, just check 
this out.
JamPotStudios Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
I honestly prefer this to the actual Dawn of Justice outfit.
playboy1992 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
You should make Jason Moma as Aquaman
Batium Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Worst casting ever...
royco Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
why is everyone focus only on WW looks......she was over 6 foot tall with muscle on her ...she was amazon ......why does hollywood keep casting this skinny little actresses to play WW.....thats why DC will never get a JL movie made the century
guardtangled331 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014
I highly doubt that they're only focusing on the looks because they are not that stupid to do that. She did receive Israeli Gym basic training…, Now she’s not so thin anymore. And this picture here shows that she will be wearing wedges probably that will make her tall into 6 ft.…Since Gadot is most well-known for her role of ‘Gisele Harabo’ in the Fast & Furiousseries of films, audiences can’t be blamed for being somewhat unfamiliar with her full body of work. Beginning her career in front of the camera not as an actress, but a professional model, Gadot went on to claim the title of Miss Israel 2004 at the age of 19. In other words: she has the looks and presence to hold an audience’s attention – and a discriminating one at that – for more than her looks alone. 
RGzer0 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Yeah, Gal Gadot isn't putting on any weight at all for the role. :iconeyerollplz:
bulldog1963 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
I must say...

Everybody moaned and groaned about Michael Keaton as Batman.  It turned out he was the most popular (until Bale) to wear the cape.  He did a phenomenal job against the comic book geek's of the world's predictions.  All of you MUST realize your obsession with female muscle clouds your judgement.  The vast majority of the world's population doesn't think the same.  In fact, if she were too buff, it would be a turn-off for a lot of movie-goers.
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014   Artist
I agree.
Fanboys and fangirls know nothing about how things work in Hollywood.
Casting the correct actor or actress for a certain role in accordance to what the script calls for is key to the success of any movie. And they just don't want to appeal the fans but the general public that will pay for the movie ticket. 
avgreen Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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