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December 14, 2013
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Halfman by Jeffach Halfman by Jeffach
This is a character that I came up with years and years ago when I was 13 0r 14. If the comicbook god swallowed Batman, Spider-man and Deadpool, what he crapped out would probably be something resembling Halfman.

The idea was if there was a Batman and a Spider-man surely there should be a snake-themed superhero. Although there are plenty of snake oriented villains. I wanted to use a classic superhero name that ended in "man'. But "Snakeman" sounded pretty lame. I thought "Halfman" was a common enough phrase that it didn't sound awkward or forced.

I never really came up with a back story / origin story. Every time I tried to come up with one I found myself just ripping off another character. Anyway I decided to revisit him after all these years just for fun.

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how can you do those textures damn :worship:
I love everything, but the placement of the sickels. Makes me not want to bend over to tie my shoes....ow.
Flawed-Perception Feb 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Reminds me of Scarlet Spider.
tutorial!?! :) help me.. 
Theo-Kyp-Serenno Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How Halfman thought? What makes him Half? I read the description not sure It fits to me though. Snaked Themed I know but Halfman? Half man, half snake? Anyway looks awesome.
I am such a fan of it too :thumbsup:
do you do commission by chance ?
Damn, that's a striking image!  You need to develop your story and pitch it to the comic book heavies!
RaiZero5 Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is an awesome picture, inspired me to go back to some ideas of my own in terms of superheros. I began thinking how a guy like Halfman could end up coming about. I came up with this:

As the Cold War began to escalate once again during the Soviet-Afghanistan War in the 1980s, a Spetsnaz Commando named Nikolai Zmeya who was nicknamed the "Viper" by the locals, had begun to change his views regarding the communist government he had been fighting for his entire life. As a result, Nikolai became a possible threat to his Spetsnaz Commando Unit, the Cobras, and to the Soviet Union due to his immense amount of knowledge regarding unofficial missions which were enacted by his unit in various countries around the globe. 

So in order to eliminate this possible threat, Nikolai was sent to a former Soviet Nuclear Testing Facility, which had been shut down for safety concerns. Once there, Nikolai was attacked by his own unit and he was forced to fight against his comrades in order to stay alive. He was presumed to have died due to the amount of radiation left behind by the nuclear facility and the mission was considered successful.

However, Nikolai survived the attack, but with no food, water, or support of any kind, he was sure to die of the cold weather. So Nikolai began heading south and he managed to find a source of food in the form of the Siberian Rat Snake. Thanks to a makeshift fire, Nikolai survived off of the snake meat, however, that didn't eliminate the venom that ran through the snake's body which was lightly radiated. This in turn is what gave Nikolai his powers. 

The radiated venom resulted in Nikolai gaining an increase in his perception abilities including heightened smell, heightened eyesight, and even infrared and vibration sensitivity, which allows him to see body heat and even feel movements through objects. In addition to these sensory abilities, Nikolai can also regrow damaged parts of his skin, similar to a snake that sheds it's skin. The final ability that Nikolai gained from his encounter with the radiated venom was gaining his own deadly bite with extremely fatal venom.

Thanks to his new found gifts, Nikolai was able to survive in the wild and return to civilization. However, that meant he would once again become a target for those who first tried eliminating him should he return to the Soviet world. From that point on, Nikolai took on the new name of Nicholas Zeyna, when he moved to the United States of America, more specifically, Brooklyn.

However, once in the new city, Nicholas discovered that he was not alone. Various pro-Communist groups were located within the city as well as the Russian Mafia and other threats to the Russian immigrants who were trying to find a new life in the land of the free and home of the brave. Therefore Nicholas took on the identity of Halfman, a man with extremely amazing powers who would dedicate his life to bringing down the threats to the Russian civilian communities and quench his thirst for vengeance against those who wronged him many years before.
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