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Just want to let everyone know that I can't accept anymore commissions at this time. I took on a lot of jobs at once, several of which took longer than expected. Seems I over estimated how quickly I could get through the list and I apologize for that. And of course the Holidays didn't help any.

I haven't been on DA very often over the past several weeks and haven't uploaded much lately since I have less time for personal work. Most of the commissions I've been working on cant be uploaded right now for various reasons.

I'll update this entry when I'm freed up for anyone who is interested in a commission. Or just delete it all together.
I have no problem if anyone wants to use my work in their own photo-manipulations. I have used other DA members work in several of my pieces, so I'd be a total hypocrite if I wasn't OK with it too. I just ask that you do 2 things:

1. Give me credit. Put a link in the description to my original work.

2. Don't cover or crop out my signature logo. Just because you added a new face or changed some other details doesn't mean its now your original artwork. If you want to add your own name to it too that's fine, just don't cover up mine. And especially don't remove my name and put yours in it's place, thats annoying beyond belief. Obviously if you just use a small piece of one of my deviations and put it in your own work you this isn't an issue. Just credit me and call out which part you used.

I also find it amusing when people use my work, slap a different face or background on it then put one of those big ugly Deviantart watermarks on it. They're so worried about other people using "their" work, but if I did that they'd never be able to use mine in the first place.
So I recently learned that the model whose face I've been using for most of my Wonder Woman images name is Melanie Chouinard. Just figured I should give her some credit since I've used her pictures about a dozen times. Thanks to childlogiclabs for letting me know.
I recently picked up the book "Sucker Punch: the art of the film". And I gotta say I highly recommend it. The book has about 250 pages of movie posters, lots of concept art, sketches and movie stills. Its not a "making of" book or anything like that, just art (none of that pesky "reading" stuff" :D). While its debatable how good the movie actually is, visually, I think its amazing. Its one of those movies that you see something new every time you watch. Nazi zombies, orcs, dragons, giant robot samurais, its all good stuff. The posters for the film heavily inspired my first Wonder Woman pic. If you're interested in picking it up:…
I've had several people ask why I do so many images of Wonder Woman. Is she my favorite superhero? Can't say that she is, I prefer batman, in fact I never even read a single Wonder Woman comic. Do I have some weird infatuation with her? Not that I'm aware of. I just think she deserves a better live action treatment than she has been given. On top of that at times DC seems to be trying to morph the character into either Superman or Batman.

It started back about a year and a half ago when NBC announced that a new TV show starring Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman was in the works. But then they revealed her was horrible. It looked like a cheap Halloween costume. I wanted to do the character justice and give her a costume that both looked good and yet was loyal to the original. The only other notable live action version of the character was the Lynda Carter show from the 70's. And although we all love Lynda as Wonder Woman it was very cheesy and campy.

I was also inspired by this poster portraying Megan Fox as Wonder Woman:… . The poster got some attention a few years back and even though the creator obviously had some decent photoshop skills, the costume looked pretty fake. The arrogant artist in me came out and said "pshhhh, I can do better than that." Man he can be a jerk sometimes...:D

I've always loved doing Photoshop collages, there's something about the challenge of taking multiple photos and trying to make them all look like one cohesive image that i just really enjoy. Anyway so I did my own version of a Wonder Woman poster. Then moved on to Aquaman and the original golden age version of the Flash. The idea was to do "real" versions superheros who haven't been done well in live action or not at all. But I realized that my Wonder Woman was gaining much more attention than the others. So I figured why not do more, and I did another, and another and another. I started to really enjoy experimenting with new techniques of creating the costume and honing in on what I thought looked good and what didn't. I was also really motivated by all the positive feedback I was receiving.

Now its gotten to the point that whenever I come across a stock image of a woman online, I cant help but think to myself "Can I turn her into Wonder Woman?". Its some sort of metal illness I'm pretty sure.